FATSort Utility


FATSort is a C utility that sorts FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 partitions. It even can handle long file name entries. It was developed because I wanted to sort my MP3 files on my MP3 hardware player. Unfortunetly, there was no utility out there so far, so I had to write it myself. FATSort reads the boot sector and sorts the directory structure recursively. FATSort is released under GPLv2.

Supported platforms


FATSort can be downloaded here at Sourceforge.


Just run the Makefile in the fatsort directory with make. The fatsort executable will be built.


Just run make install to install FATSort.

So far, FATSort is included in Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, and Gentoo.



fatsort -h
fatsort /dev/sda
fatsort -c -oa /dev/sda1


If you have comments, feature requests, bug reports, or other feedback on FATSort, then please write to .